Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Judah got his ear pierced! Benefit For Bram! #NaBloPoMo

On Saturday we stopped by Sally's Beauty Supply store.
They have self ear piercing kits and I asked Ora if she wanted to get her ears pierced.
She was not into it at all, but Judah on the other hand wanted to.
I bought a kit, but was later talked out of it when Jonathan decided to scare the crap outta him.
Then I remembered I have metal allergies and have to wear gold, white gold or tungsten or else I get rashes that itch like no other, water blisters and pain.

The kit I purchased was gold plated, and that just wasn't going to cut it so I decided against using the kit.
On Sunday after picking the kiddos up from Nana's we stopped by the mall and into Claire's where we got Judahs ear pierced.

After getting the first one done he didn't want to get the other one done right away.
I was going to wait for him to collect himself, but again Jonathan stepped in and basically rushed us out.

Of course as soon as we were leaving Judah was asking about getting his other ear pierced.
I told him it was going to be quite a while before we would be able to do it because it cost us $50 for the earring, cleaner and piercing.
He told me he wished that he had gotten the other one done. :/

Also, here is something Judah shared with daddy then later wanted to share on the interwebs :)

On a side note, I attended a Benefit for Bram dinner.
I knew no one there, but that is ok.
I know TJ, Samantha and their other three boys need time to grieve.
I was there to support them and to let them know that I care.
I pray that God heals their souls and gives them peace in this difficult time.
Benefit For Bram. Love to his sweet family!

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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