Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Randoms About Me, #NaBloPoMo

1. As odd as it is, I like this picture of me. Why? I have no idea, maybe because I don't look enormous in it? Because this is ME. I am a goofball all the time. I don't really know.

2. I LOVE the smell of play-doh.

3. I don't make friends very easily. I try my best to be kind, considerate, honest, loyal, myself, open etc. But I can't seem to make or keep friends. It's quite depressing.

4. I am fully convinced everyone (including my own family members) likes my husband more than me.

5. Most days I feel the only reason I am on this earth is for my children and my children only.

6. I love the smell of crayons.

7. When I was pregnant with Judah I craved powdered laundry detergent (No I never ate it).

8. I used to want 10 children. Then I had some and decided 10 would be a BAD decision

9. I am the worlds worst house keeper...

10. I am an animal lover, I just hate cleaning up after them as I have a fear of germs.

11. I contradict myself in pretty much every aspect of life ex:(my husbands description of me) "You are sweet, caring, creative, impatient, distracted, focused, curious, social, shy, germaphobic, messy, fun, musical, cute, sensitive, stubborn and contradictory"

12. I have a really bad habit. I should be on "My Strange Addiction" because ever since high school, I have been addicted to salt. I remember the day it hit. I was in science class and my teacher was talking about salt. I couldn't stop thinking about salt. The sound of the word made my mouth water. I love the taste and the texture. I like how I can grind it between my teeth. It just feels right. very strange I know.

13. I go through phases. A couple months I will be obsessed with photography, the next crocheting, then reading, then puzzle books etc etc.

14. I pretend to not care what others think, but in all reality, I am a major people pleaser.

15. I am addicted to food like an alcoholic to alcohol. A friend of mine once said "When I walk in the kitchen, it's like an alcoholic walking into a liquor store." I totally relate. My sister also said that what helped her lose weight was when she saw like a piece of cake she would ask herself "What's more important? Being fit and thin again or eating that piece of cake?" She said she always chose to not eat it. I tried... I always chose the cake.

16. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I am still a teenager and have the feelings to act like one. I obviously can't because I do have three little ones.

17. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I am older and closer to death than I really am because of all the aches and pains I have all the time! Such is life I suppose.

18. I had two miscarriages. A couple weeks after each I had dreams about my babies being alive and well. I got to see what they looked like and everything. I remember those little faces as clear as day because I believe that the dreams were blessings from my God to show me what my babies look like!

19. For about a year now, I have had a pain in my foot that feels like a good sized rock is in it. I keep meaning to go to the doctor but manage to forget to make an appointment in my busy day of rushing around.

20. I used to run. I used to love running. In school for the fitness tests when we had to run a mile, I was always the first girl finished. I was proud of that. Then I had kids and let myself go and gained way too much weight now I can't run. My knees and ankles are bad.

21. My house, even if it were spotless would be kind of awkward as I tend don't have a style. If I like something, I will put it in my house. Doesn't matter if it matches or not.

22. I am a tad bit on the hoarder side. I have a very hard time throwing anything with the slightest amount of sentimental value to it. I don't want to toss any of my kids drawings or anything so I have random stacks of papers EVERYWHERE of their drawings.

23. I am very addicted to diet soda. I have convinced myself that I will get sick if I drink non diet soda. It's quite ridiculous really.

24. I love BRIGHT colors.

25. I listen to almost any type of music. Except for dubstep, techno, or classical. I need words to my music for sure!

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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