Saturday, October 20, 2012



I adore my boys little hands.
They are chubby
They are dimpled
They are strong
They feel awesome wrapped around my finger
They are pudgy
They are fat
They are big
Today I cherish holding these little hands, for I know soon he will be holding another womans hand

I am linking up with The Paper Mama for the photo challenge "Hands"
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


Charity said...

What sweet chubby hands! My baby's hands were never that chubby.

mommatojoa said...

Aww thanks! Both my boys had the big chubby hands but this guys hands take the cake! I can't help but kiss them all the time! !

Monica @ CreativeGator said...

Oh, how I miss my little girl's chubby baby hands. The time goes by so fast.